Alpha as a Service

Tipigo harnesses the power of professional equity analysts, synthesizing big data and human expertise to build tailored stock portfolios that have been proven to outperform the market.

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Tipigo’s data-driven alpha engine harnesses the power of world leading, professional equity analysts, to build outperforming stock portfolios.

Proven Track Record

Tipigo's unique algorithm is designed to pinpoint U.S. equities for smart value investments

Why Tipigo


Your portfolio is in your hands. You determine the portfolio's profile: Sector, industry, risk and more.


Portfolios based on a select team of top analysts worldwide.


Get up and running with Tipigo instantly. Once you define your investment profile, we take care of the rest.


No more black box tech solutions here. Tipigo provides transparency.

How it works


Understanding your goals

Not all investments are the same. Our first step is to understand your investment profile.


Tailored solution

Once we understand your investment profile, we'll digest and provide a custom solution along with a simulation and backtest of expected results.



The next step is implementing the solution in your particular financial structure - Mutual Fund, Hedge Fund, In-house investment portfolio etc.


Ongoing analysis and monitoring

We deliver real-time updates on your positions in order to keep your investment portfolio optimal and up-to-date with current market conditions.

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